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Will the WHO save A Billion Lives? Indian Preview of the award winning documentary A Billion Lives

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that if present patterns and trends in smoking continue, a billion lives will be lost this century due to smoking-related illnesses.

Smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes, including “e-cigarettes” and other vapor products, have helped millions of people quit smoking and millions more reduce the amount they smoke. As the film makes clear, smoke-free alternatives have the potential to save a billion lives.

Aaron Bieber, the Director and Executive Producer of the documentary A Billion Lives, has traveled across four continents to discover why a device that can save so many lives is maligned and discredited in so many countries. Throughout this journey, Biebert discovers the hidden facts behind the vapor technology industry, and exposes the governmental forces intent on destroying it.

In light of the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control which is currently taking place in India, and where discussion on smoke-free alternatives are taking place, Biebert has travelled to India to host an exclusive preview of the documentary A Billion Live will be screened in Delhi.

“The WHO is at a crossroads, either they can follow along with what they’ve been doing and become one of the biggest threats to public health in history. Or WHO can follow their mandate to reduce the harm caused by smoking, embrace the scientific evidence and become a leader in the fight to help save the billion lives that will be lost to smoking this century”, Says Director Aaron Bieber

As part of his investigation, Biebert captures compelling interviews with leading scientists, doctors, technologists, and policy makers from major international health organizations. Each in turn gives reasoned answers to the very serious question: “Will the WHO save a Billion Lives?

A Billion Lives made its North American premiere in Milwaukee, WI (August 2016). Earlier this year, the film premiered to rave reviews at the Doc Edge Festival in Wellington, New Zealand (May 2016).  It also premiered in Europe at the Palace of Culture in Warsaw, Poland (June 2016), and at the Le Grand Rex in Paris, France (September 2016).  To view the trailer and for additional information, visit ABillionLives.com.