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Tsarnaev will be judged in Boston

The US Court of Appeal has rejected a request by lawyers of the accused in the organization and execution of the terrorist attack during the marathon in Boston in April 2014, Jokhar Tsarnaev, to move the hearing to another city.


They have repeatedly appealed with the same request to the judge, George O’Toole. The need for a move from Boston is explained by the defense as being due to concerns that the jury will be insufficiently objective in its verdict. The judge invariably replied that no doubt this problem can be solved by carrying out procedures for selecting a competent jury.

After failing in this appeal, Tsarnaev’s lawyers appealed to the Court of Appeal, but this application was also rejected.

The court agreed with the defense that the case in Boston is a huge responsibility, but questioned the issue that this circumstance does not prevent the jury from objectively evaluating the arguments of the prosecution and the defense. As a result, two of the three judges opposed the move, Interfax informs.