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The HUAWEI P20 Pro Named as the Best Smartphone of 2018 by the European Hardware Association

By the first half of 2018, we observed many smartphones from top mobile technology producers.

We are looking forward to the second wave of autumn, but before that we will present the flagship smartphone from HUAWEI, the world’s largest telecommunications provider.

In spring, March 27, in Paris, the Chinese magnate HUAWEI presented two new flagship smartphones P20 and P20 Pro, which differ radically different from predecessors and are innovative. Compared to the P10 series, the design has been completely updated. The back side of the smartphone is made with trendy glass, and the sides are made of glossy aluminum that makes the smartphone more premium. That’s why HUAWEI P20 Pro has been named the best smartphone by 2018 by The European Hardware Association.

The association comprises 9 of the largest independent technology news and review sites across the continent, with a combined audience of more than 22 million technology enthusiasts and readers. In evaluating the last product, over 100 of the top editors of the European market have voted HUAWEI P20 Pro as the best. In the highly competitive category this is a huge achievement for HUAWEI.

What is HUAWEI’s Innovation? The front side also has small-sized screens that have a small “pencil” on the upper side of the screen. Both of them work on the innovative Kirin 970 processor with an artificial intelligence engine that enhances smartphone cameras.

The camera is still designed by Leica, and P20 Pro has a 40MP sensor with a completely new technology that has an interesting intellectual processor.

On the back side of the P20 Pro there are three main cameras with 20-megapixel monochrome F1.6 diaphragm lenses, a 40-megapixel RGB giant 1/1.7 diameter sensor (which is the best among the smartphones in the market), with gigantic 1 micron size pixels (although you can take a 10 megapixel photo with 2 micron pixels during the night), sensor F1.8 diagram lens and 8 megapixel telephoto camera with F2.4 diaphragm. It can also capture 4K and super slow-motion video with 960 shots per second, carry out electronic and optical stabilization and has 3X optical zoom (5X hybrid zoom) and IR-RGB sensor. The maximum indicator of the sensitivity of revolutionary light is ISO102,400. The 24-megapixel front camera 2.0 diaphragm smartphone screen is distinguished with the ability to show the brightness and colors. The smartphone can almost completely take pictures in the nighttime without using a flashlight or extra lighting and for this, it is enough to activate night mode. After taking photos, “artificial intelligence” processes it and changes the color, which makes the image more clear and vivid.

It is important that HUAWEI‘s products and services are available in more than 170 countries and is already used by a third of the world’s population. Its centers are located in the United States, Germany, Russia, India, China and Sweden.

HUAWEI P20 is the best smartphone available to those, who are looking for multifunctional cameras. The taken photos are unique with its vivid colors, high detailing and quality. Huawei P20 and its impressive indicators is predominant for the company. The smartphone is very popular among customers, which makes us enthusiastic and proud”, said Bruce Lee, Mobile Technology Department Vice-President of HUAWEI customer business group.