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The beard trend is over. It’s time to shave.

The New York Times’ style section wrote about technicolor beards in Brooklyn this week.

If that fact on its own doesn’t convince you that the rugged beard trend is over, perhaps this excerpt citing DJ Andy Butler and celebrity groomer Diana Schmidtke will:

He also pointed to the silliness of the beard trend in general: “All kinds of men latched onto it; it was a man trend and it was this notion of masculinity and what’s handsome, but it may have hit its peak.”

Ms. Schmidtke is in his camp. The dyed beard is so hokey, it’s like signaling there isn’t anywhere left to go, she said. “Look, a five o’clock shadow is timeless, but if you saw all the top nominated guys at the Oscars, they were mostly cleanshaven,” she said, citing her client Mr. Keaton.

In other news, men are shelling out $200 to “request beard colors in jewel tones (like amethyst) and pastels.”
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