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Singapore – Human Reason’s Manifestation

Singapore – Human Reason’s Manifestation

The Place You Should Visit

Prior to the 18th century, when the British mission founded a colony, Singapore was a settlement of Malay fishermen. Only several hundreds of residents used to inhabit the Island. Thomas Stamford Raffles, a British sailor and top official, militant and a governor in the British Ceylon, founded a city that in a short period turned into the major seaport in this part of the world.

Nowadays Singapore represents a modern state-city populated by English-speaking residents, where ethnic Chinese constitute more than 70% of the population, 15% of the residents are Malaysians, 10% – the Indus and 5% – the so-called Eurasian (descendents of European and Asian peoples) and so on. Nevertheless, all residents consider themselves to be Singaporean. These people stand united around the idea of constructing a modern state and managing successful economy for 50 years and all of them manage to cohabitate with each other without problems.

On arrival professional and qualified guides will name five main advantages and special signs in Singapore. First of all, Singapore is the world’s one of the leading and the region‘s major financial center with a global-scale stock exchange and a plenty of international banks. Secondly, Singapore is the world’s second and Asia’s number one seaport after Rotterdam that handles more than 1 billion tons of consignments a year and trades with over 600 seaports in 123 countries worldwide. The third advantage consists in the education system that occupies leading positions in the world. The Singapore business school is recorded in the world’s 20 top educational assets and ten thousands of foreign students go to various higher schools in Singapore. The fourth distinguishing sign is a numerous army equipped with the most modern technologies that is the best one in the region to guard the state independence. Singapore’s fifth advantage is related to tourism and tourism infrastructure and we will describe it in details.


The route to Singapore is very interesting. Qatari Airlines offer the best conditions with the world’s best airplanes and services. From Tbilisi, you will land Baku in an hour and spend the same period in the Baku airport. After that the flight to Doha, the capital city of Qatar, will take 4 hours. After a several hour stay at the Hama International Airport, you will take a five-hour flight to the airport of Chang, from where any kind of transport will deliver you to the state-city of Singapore.


Singapore is famous for its hotels and recreation complexes that host tens of millions of tourists and guests a year. With high-level and modern services the hotel networks of Ritz Carlton, Mandarin and Orchard, other global leading brands and domestic hotels offer special seafood, exclusive services and all sort of comforts.

Multicultural City

Singapore is a mixture of European, Chinese and Indian cultures with all expressions and symbols. There are rare places in the world with a similar synthesis of various cultures in the same place. Singapore is a unique place in this respect! China Town is a huge quarter with Buddhist Temples, many Chinese restaurants and minimarkets. The district of Little India is famous for trade counters with various fruits, color fabrics, Indian tea houses and food assets.

Singapore’s historical zone mainly represents a unity of premises and facilities built by British colonists, where a major part of assets are administrative buildings. There are also several monuments of  historical importance.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, Coliseum in Rome, Big Ben in London and the Old Tbilisi views circulate in our minds and these buildings and assets represent visiting cards of these cities. And Marina Bay is a similar place in Singapore, an artificial bay beach with three major hotels beside each other covered by long vessel-shape asset to unite them.

Entertainment Island

The world’s most distinguished island includes a main island of Sentosa, an artificially arranged center of amusements and other extreme entertainments. This is the River Safari, the world’s biggest water amusement with a concept  for introducing the world’s flora and fauna in maximally natural forms. This is not a large aquarium. This is an open space with models of the rivers of Amazon, Congo, Yang, Mekong, Niles, Mississippi and Gang.

This island offers a national park of orchids and breeding orchids. This is a genuine art that has been taken to the highest level in this garden. You will nowhere else see so many colors and so much beauty.

There is a large aquarium too, a whole complex of Sentosa  aquariums with various sizes, shapes, and appearance with all species of fish. Amusements park of Universal Studio is unforgettable with surprising amusements of Shrek, Transforms, Mummy and Water World, with strolling Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe.

On Sentosa you are also able to visit the Madame Tussauds Museum, a huge monument of Merlion with picturesque views to the city, to enjoy ropeway services to get to the seashore from mountains. To put simply on Sentosa you will play, laugh, get pleasure and entertain to the end.

There are enough reasons to visit this state-city!

Prepared for CBW by Kakha Magradze, Senior Consultant at PR Company Gepra