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Security TRENDs 2017 – How to Protect Oneself in the Constantly Changing World

Trend Micro Incorporated  hosted Information event dedicated to security trends and the problems regarding to information safety and critical infrastructure.

The discussion topic is “The Development of Information Security and its Outcomes in the World.” The attendees included representatives of the leading Georgian companies in the fields of IT, system integration, software development and information systems, also energy, telecommunications, retail and public sectors.

The list of the speakers included the executives and experts of Trend Micro Inc: Dhanya Thakkar (Managing Director, APAC Region, Trend Micro Inc), German Pozankov (Regional Director Trend Micro in CIS, Georgia, Mongolia), Michael Kondrashin (Technical Director Trend Micro in CIS, Georgia, Mongolia) and Nikolay Romanov (System Architector Trend Micro in CIS, Georgia, Mongolia).

Trend Micro speakers discussed important topics such as Inspiring Your Digital Transformation, Innovations against CyberAttacks; Modern Threats Landscape; Protection for targeted attacks for large enterprises and Public Sector, Build High Performance Protection for networks.

The development of technologies and progression of information dynamics requires the businesses to pay more attention to security measures. The cyber threats are constantly changing so the requirements of security systems and methods become different. Development of cloud services, creation of new services and decisions during the businesses attracts the attention of cyber-criminals.

The number of attacks conducted by cyber-criminals is rising. For instance, one can remember the attacks on Verizon, Uber, or well-known WannaCry, which damaged the systems of East-European companies. Cyber-attacks are among the top 5 risks which hit the global businesses. According to The Global State of Information Security Survey, 63% of cyber-sphere professionals believe they can enter in any enterprise’s system.

The speakers of Security TRENDs said the corporate networks and cloud systems, also the devices such as smartphones mostly attract the cyber-criminals. This circumstance requires the development of special protection tools aimed at preventing interference in corporate systems within the most vulnerable areas.

At the end of the conference the discussion was held. The answers were given to the questions such as: to which threats are the enterprises and organizations ready to handle? Which risks does it comprise? Which processes and procedures should be implemented and etc.