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Russians’ Attitude to Caucasus Changes for Better

According to a survey conducted by the Levada Center, Russians’ attitude to the situation in the North Caucasus has changed for the better. The poll was held on June 19-22.

Only 16% of the respondents agreed that spending budget money in the North Caucasus Federal District is less efficient than in other regions. 15% of the respondents said that this money wad stolen. Two years ago, in 2013, 47% said this.

37% of respondents said that the funds are used as effectively (22%) or more effectively (15%) than in other regions (in 2013 it was a total of 27%). 28% were undecided (in 2013 it was 21%). 4% of respondents stated about a higher cost efficiency than in other regions. The first and foremost by a change of the informational background – the famous slogan ‘Stop feeding the Caucasus’ has disappeared. “The second reason is the effectiveness of the authorities in the Caucasus. The North Caucasus is one of ten or twenty of the most successful regions in investment attractiveness, the use of budget funds and fulfillment of social obligations to its citizens,” Yevkurov said.

“The third reason is the work with the media. We are holding quite serious large-scale events in the district, demonstrating our success in the federal mass media. You see the opening of facilities, roads, infrastructure,” he added.