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Russia’s Rejoining the G-7 Community is Unthinkable — Merkel

Russia must demonstrate willingness to act within the international law, before it can rejoin the G-7. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed this point in her address to Germany’s lower house of parliament, Bloomberg reports

In Merkel’s words, Russia’s current political stance is unacceptable for the European community. “Thinking in spheres of influence is something we can’t accept in Europe in the 21st century.” 

A return to the G-8 format is unimaginable while Russia continues to violate international law in Ukraine, the Chancellor stated. “The developments in Ukraine are the reason why we meet in Elmau as a group of seven, not eight,” reports BBC’s Russian service

According to Merkel, this group shares a common set of values, among which democracy and sovereignty of law are the highest. Hence, Russia’s actions in Ukraine are seen as unacceptable to G-7 members, which is currently comprised of the U.S., Japan, Germany, Canada, the U.K., France and Italy.