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Charlie Rose and Vladimir Putin (Photo: Kremlin Press Office)

Putin Speaks Fourth Term of Presidency with CBS Journalist

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin is uncertain if he will use his right to run for the fourth term of presidency. Putin spoke on this matter during his interview with an American journalist from CBS News Charlie Rose.

When asked how long Putin would like to stay in power, the current president replied that this depends on two things: Russia’s Constitution and his mood.

“The period of my service will depend on two conditions. Firstly, of course, there are rules stipulated by the Constitution, and I surely will not infringe them. But I am not sure whether I should take full advantage of these constitutional rights. It will depend on the specific situation in the country, in the world and my own feelings about it,” Putin said.

When asked what he would like to leave behind as legacy, Putin replied: “Russia should be an effective and competitive state with a sustainable economy, developed social and political system flexible to changes domestically and globally.”

The interview was recorded on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s trip to New York for the 70th-anniversary session of the UN General Assembly. Some excerpts from the interview were published, but it was fully available only in the morning of September 29th.

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