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New York Audience fascinated by “Ali and Nino” Movie

New York Audience fascinated by “Ali and Nino” Movie

Premiere of the feature film “Ali and Nino” based on the namesake world bestseller “Ali and Nino” novel by Gurban Said was held in New York.

The premiere of the film, the project manager and executive producer of which is Leyla Aliyeva, vice-president of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, took place at the famous “Sunshine” cinema of New York. Addressing the audience, producer of the movie Kris Thykier emphasized that tolerance and multiculturalism are one of the most current issues of our generation and time.


In this context, the “Ali and Nino” movie sends an important message to society and people, he noted. Kris Thykier spoke about the special role of Vice-President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva in creation of the movie. Along with such world famous figures of the film industry as Kris Thykier, such special guests as Adam Bakri, starring in the film, and Mandy Patinkin were also invited to the event.

Addressing the event, Adam Bakri noted that the “Ali and Nino” movie is a story of strong love, which united completely different people. Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to the US Elin Suleymanov also delivered a speech at the premiere. He emphasized that this work by Gurban Said reflects an important part of the history and culture of Azerbaijan and the region.


The ambassador said also that the movie shot on the basis of an important part of the Azerbaijani cultural heritage – the work “Ali and Nino”, will be able to play an interesting role in understanding of national identities in the region and their mutual relations. The “Ali and Nino” movie was met by the audience with great interest and cheers. After the film’s premiere, many spectators noted that the movie made a great emotional impression on them.

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