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New pictures of the Galaxy S6

New pictures of the upcoming Galaxy S6 have been unveiled, confirming rumours of a screen that covered three sides of the phone and showing off a new look for Samsung’s flagship handset.

The pictures were revealed by T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who tweeted that the network will be carrying the new phone and sent a link to the company’s website, which shows pictures of the phone.

T-Mobile is apparently promoting the phone under the “Six Appeal” tagline.

It appears to feature a screen that goes over both sides of the phone. That feature was first unveiled on the Galaxy Note Edge – which had a screen that went over one of its sides – and had been revealed in early leaks of the handset.

The screens on the side can be used as a “ticker”, displaying notifications and other information down the side.

Samsung has been teasing various features of the phone in the run up to its release, which is expected to happen on March 1 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

 The new phones also looks set to feature a metal back – getting away from the fake leather of previous models – and wireless charging. Various other specs have been leaked online, including an expected CPU that will make the phone 50% faster and a super efficient battery that will last four hours on a 10-minute charge.