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New Party for the Animal kicks off today in Belgium

The political party ‘DierAnimal’ was launched in Belgium today. This Belgian sister party of the Dutch Party for the Animals is the eleventh political party in the European Union that focuses its attention on the planet and animals. 

The bilingual political party DierAnimal aims to secure animal rights in the Belgian constitution and also seeks, among other goals, to end the intensive farming industry and animal testing. DierAnimal pleads for a healthy, sustainable, human-friendly, and animal-friendly agriculture. Moreover, DierAnimal has international ambitions: it also pleads for active support for sustainable forest preservation, forest management, and reforestation worldwide. 

DierAnimal is now also part of a growing, worldwide social emancipation movement. Since 2002 — when the Dutch Party for the Animals was founded — nineteen other political parties for the animals have originated worldwide. There are already representatives of parties for animals active in the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, and Australia; parties for animals are established or are being founded in other countries as well.

 The launch of DierAnimal in Brussels today was attended by MEP Anja Hazekamp and Elze Boshart, chair of the international foundation of the Dutch Party for the Animals. Both are delighted and proud to now see a party standing up for the most vulnerable on this planet in Belgium as well. 

Elze Boshart: “We are convinced that DierAnimal can make a difference in Belgium. Belgium is the next country in which the farming industry and other types of environmental exhaustion of this planet will be fought with political activism. Parties for the animals are the only political parties that show the connections. Connections between the farming industry and deforestation, climate change and damage to our health, the focus on economic growth and the condition of the earth. Parties for the animals are the only political parties pleading for radically different policies. Together, we will restore dignity to our earth as home to us all.”

Anja Hazekamp: “Thankfully, there is a growing group of people realising that we need to protect vulnerable values: compassion, sustainability, and the respectful treatment of humans and animals. That is what we need.”