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Nusurltan Nazarbaev Celebrates 75th Birthday

Kazakhstan’s leader Nurusltan Nazarbaev celebrates his 75th birthday today.

“Thanks to Allah, we have peace in our country,” Nazarbaev told the news agency TASS. “Even presidential elections, which were not on anybody’s plans, were held this year” and “the result, as you all know, was stunning. It’s inspiring. Any politician will understand me,” he added.

Our memory leaves only the brightest moments to remain from an entire life, all secondary things are forgotten, said Nazarbaev. “There were difficult times, but on the other hand, it was an exciting time, which another generation of Kazakh people will never experience. I was not only the witness of the independence of my country, but also one of the creators of it.”

It is worth noting that a national holiday Astana’s Day is also celerated today in the Central Asian country. Kazakhstan’s success as an independent state is often credited to Nazarbaev’s personal success as a ruler. Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has stated at the youth forum “Seliger” that Kazakhstan as an independent state has never existed without Nazarbaev. “He created a totally unique thing by creating a state where it has never existed before. In this regard, Nazarbaev is  unique ruler for the post-Soviet space,” Putin said.

This last year’s statement of president Putin is a double-edged sword. It emphasizes Nazarbaev’s role as a ruler, while at the same time undermines Kazakhstan’s sovereignty as an independent state without him.