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Inspiration, Innovation and Ideas at Tendence 2016

Innovation, top-quality design and ecologically clean products – these are the three key components that characterize the Tendence exhibition. Upon entrance, I felt like having entered the future, the place, where design, technology and innovation are omnipresent. It is difficult to mark the best parts of the exhibition. However, visitors always find their own favorite highlights and spend a fair share of time examining everything.

Tendence is held at the end of summer season. Thus, the exhibition places key focus on Christmas-related topics as well as family products. However, you will find many other innovative products too: paper clocks, glass decorations, porcelain accessories, 3D ornaments and several more future products are accumulated at Tendence.

Professor Hansjerg Maier-Aichen showed us various special exhibition desks, but apart from the visual aspects, the miraculous stories of the participants also left a great impression on me. For example, BORN Company manufactures products from processed waste; its owners succeeded the manufacturing technologies from their ancestors. Raumgestalt Company was launched in a small village and has already achieved much success. You will hear similar stories frequently. Big and special stories accompany each object exhibited at Tendence and I believe that this is the exhibition’s success formula.

Photo by Tendence’s press office.

More than 24,000 buyers took advantage of the event. 955 exhibitors from 45 countries placed orders, discovered new products, gained inspiration and cultivated contacts.

“Despite challenging indices, the quality of the visitors and the volume of orders placed were excellent. Tendence is the platform for doing good business”, commented Stephan Kurzawski, Senior Vice President, Messe Frankfurt. “From 2017, all the indicators point to growth. To this end, we are supplementing the profile of Tendence with new product groups and expanding existing ones. Additionally, we will strengthen the new-product character of the fair and attract the bulk-buying business back to Frankfurt. For this, there is only one solution: from next year, Tendence will takethe pole position for the second half of the year”, adds the trade-fair manager.

Photo by Tendence’s press office.

“We made an adoption in the team and organizational structure, we separated Ambiente from Tendence, we created two business units, we have a new structure, new management, new team and tools. For example, we created our own sales department that is only selling Tendence and acquiring new customers. We heavily invested in human resources. Why? Our target is very clear: we need more exhibitors and more visitors and both factors mutually influence each other”.

On the visitor side, we have to attract all relevant target groups and offer each target group an appropriate range of products. From the exhibitor´s point of view, we need to do this in an integrative way. So far it seems so simple but it’s not as easy, because in the past ten years, especially in Germany and also in Europe, we have seen a very strong shift of market shares. Figures for Germany indicate that the number of specialist trade retailers has decreased. Ten years ago, the market share of these companies was 26%, but now it’s only 18%.”

 Photo by Tendence's press office.
Photo by Tendence’s press office.

Compared to the last edition, this year’s trade fair profited from the first conceptual adaptations and new product groups. Numerous exhibitors said they were pleased with the results of Tendence 2016.

Photo By Nutsa Galumashvili/ Caucasus Business Week
Photo By Nutsa Galumashvili/ Caucasus Business Week

Pure & Elegant – Jan Philippi, owner / CEO, Philippi: “I am really keen on Tendence. No other fair offers such a broad spectrum of first-class exhibitors in the field of high-grade home accessories. After the course of business so far this summer, we had no great expectations and have been very pleasantly surprised. The proportion of international customers, for example, from Russia, the Ukraine and even Australia, was super.”

 Photo by Tendence's press office.
Photo by Tendence’s press office.

Steffi Goetze – Contemporary Jewelry

Steffi Goetze was one of the exhibitors we met at Tendence. Her main material of work is silver and enamel, constantly searching for shapes, colors, lines, surfaces and textures to express the contrariety of concepts and their influence on each other by using various techniques of enamel.


“My work is an experimental and personal dialogue with the contrariety of two concepts and their relation to each other. The conscious and the unconscious, the past and the future, the truth and the lie, the go and the stop, the remembrance and the forgetfulness, the inside and the outside, the maker and the observer, you and me”.

TAPYLON- 3D Jewelry

Jewelry System Tapylon – modular jewelry system by Anne Sievers is based on Y-shaped, flat elements. They are made of thermo-plastic synthetic and are only a few centimeters in size. They can be interconnected at different points via a snap button system. Thanks to the material’s pliability, flat or three-dimensional shapes can be plugged together. Designed as jewelry and accessories, they also make delicate room sculptures. When the links are detached, the individual elements return to their flat shape. Thanks to the possibilities that the system offers, polyethylene not only becomes a precious substance, but also turns from a purely functional, indestructible material to an aesthetic statement.

Photo by Nutsa Galumashvili/ Caucasus Business Week
Photo by Nutsa Galumashvili/ Caucasus Business Week

It all Started with a BIG Bag:

Born products were my favorite at Tendence 2016, because their philosophy was based on recycling and crafting.

“Born Products are born with old knowledge passed on to us by our grandfathers, shoemaker and locksmith“, said the founder. One not only wears a unique handcrafted piece but also adapts an open state of mind and a new attitude towards reusing and recycling.

Georgia’s First Engagement in Tendence Exhibition

I was much impressed by the Georgian corner at the exhibition: beautiful blue carpets, various handmade crafts and miraculous colors that suddenly brought me back to Georgia.

This year at the Tendence international exhibition in Frankfurt Georgia was represented for the first time. With the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Tbilisi Art Academy, Georgia introduced traditional blue tablecloths. Blue tablecloths and their preparation technology were recently restored. A workshop at Arts Academy focuses on manufacturing various of these tablecloths. I discussed all details with Mrs. Irina Saganelidze, representative of the Ministry of Culture.

Photo By Nutsa Galumashvili/ Caucasus Business Week

«We have tried to introduce Georgian applied artworks in more diverse forms at this international exhibition and we have used the traditional blue tablecloth concept, and various samples of applied art created on the related themes – in the form of Georgian souvenirs: textile, various fabric accessories manufactured by batik technologies. Works based on decoupage technology that repeat blue tablecloth motives and Georgian enamel, ceramics, glass and ornament have been introduced here».

Photo By Nutsa Galumashvili/ Caucasus Business Week
Photo By Nutsa Galumashvili/ Caucasus Business Week

Blue Tablecloth Triumph in Frankfurt

The Georgian corner drew the attention of visitors thanks to its special and different niche: eastern style carpets represented an entirely different and special tradition.

“It is important to show those traditions of historical importance to European customers. Naturally, it is a huge experience for us to take part in similar exhibitions, because Georgian art products are exhibited among the world’s leading brands which are very important for popularizing Georgia. There is a great interest towards Georgia at the exhibition. The origins of these products are very new and unusual for them. As I have noted, similar exhibition events focus on such innovations”.

Photo By Nutsa Galumashvili/ Caucasus Business Week
Photo By Nutsa Galumashvili/ Caucasus Business Week

The presentation of Georgian products will generate positive results. We, as the state office, are interested in developing Georgian traditional art on the one hand. This is one of the priority directions of our Ministry. On the other hand, we are focused on the employment of our authors and handcraft masters. We care about the growth in their salaries and the promotion of their talent.


We believe that these business relations will be developed and that Georgia will be represented by wider delegations at the next exhibitions. We have taken part in this exhibition for the first time. We are examining what kind of products, packing and supplies are required and which factors may bring success. I believe this experience will assist us to introduce the Georgian corner in more interesting and impressive ways.

Photo By Nutsa Galumashvili/ Caucasus Business Week

The mood at the fair was given an additional boost by the plans of Messe Frankfurt to target the needs of the sector even more precisely with an integrated concept to be introduced next year. The concept calls for the reorientation of the long-established event with a three-pronged concept with a stronger focus on product ranges for the spring and summer of the following year. Buyers will also be able to see new products for the winter much earlier than at present thanks to the new timing of the fair at the end of June / beginning of July.

Photo by Tendence's press office.
Photo by Tendence’s press office

For those sections of the trade that buy in bulk, this change offers particular strategic advantages. At the same time, exhibitors are well aware that it is up to all concerned to once again make the fair a genuine new products platform.

By Nutsa Galumashvili
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