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HUAWEI’s Innovative Smartphones – Shoot the Best Moments

The World in Vivid Colours – this is a key inspiring idea of cellular phones manufacturing companies. AI technologies have brought entirely new standards in mobile photography. In this respect, smartphone manufacturing companies care more for the customer’s comfort and try to embody absolutely innovative features into their devices. In this respect, HUAWEI is a leading company that delights  its consumers with innovative smartphones with improved camera features and renewed design.

New epoch in mobile photography – this is how experts appraise the latest success and innovations in this technology.

And everything started in this way …

The first generation of mobile phone cameras appeared in 2000-2003. In practice, the widespread “Selfie” was invented in this period. In 2000, 256-color display was introduced, while a little later Sharp J-SH04 created the first 100K pixel (352×228) camera.

In 2013-2014 the operating systems of SMART enhanced mobile cameras and the resolution of cameras was improved to the level of megapixels. Smartphone manufacturing companies represented on the market have actively developed this direction. Thanks to their efforts, the quality of photo images was improved more. In this period, image editor applications were also introduced. Photo image editor applications have become irreplaceable components for smartphone users. At the same time, applications for taking and sharing photos have become more attainable thanks to the G2 smartphones. 

Generation 3 and HUAWEI P9Leica with Dual Camera

Photography is the art of light. However, the phone sizes limit the camera capabilities and it is impossible to take phots like professional photo cameras. This signifies phone camera development has been a little protracted. However, in 2016, HUAWEI company jointly with Leica developed and manufactured a smartphone with dual camera. Thanks to 2 separate sensors, HUAWEI has considerably advanced the smartphone camera characteristics. 

Generation 4 – HUAWEI Company and Revolution in Mobile Photography

In 2018 HUAWEI introduced revolutionary innovations in mobile photography and offered HUAWEI P20 Pro –  unique smartphone with AI and three cameras and super tele-photo zoom. HUAWEI P20 Pro has surpassed its competitors and commenced a new era in the history of smartphones.

Today, customers give preference to smartphones for taking photos, as smartphones reflect everyday life of a modern individual. HUAWEI as a leading company aims to offer the best products to customers to enable them to see more and discover the world in better colours.

HUAWERI supplies its products and services to one third of the world population in more than 170 countries worldwide. A total of 16 research and development centres operate in the USA, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India and China. HUAWEI Consumer BG is one of the business units of HUAWEI with a main focus on production of  smartphones, personal computers, Tabs and cloud services. The global network of HUAWEI is based on the 20-year experience in telecommunication business and aims to offer innovative technologies all over the world.