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Here’s What You Can Earn Working At Facebook

It’s hard to think of a more attractive tech gig than working at Facebook.

At 1.35 billion active monthly users, the social network has incredible reach, as well as sound leadership. Its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the most beloved executives in America, and chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg is one of the most celebrated operations people out there.

Then there’s the pay. Looking at Glassdoor’s self-reported compensation numbers, Facebook is a place where you can make investment-banker-level money — if you have the engineering chops.

According to Glassdoor, here’s the combined compensation — i.e., annual salary and bonus — for 15 positions at Facebook, in ascending order:

1. Product Analyst: $118,864
2. Production Engineer: $132,534
3. User Interface Engineer: $146,708
4. Data Engineer: $146,949
5. Network Engineer: $160,172
6. Software Engineer III: $171,076
7. Research Scientist: $172,705
8. Technical Program Manager: $175,589
9. Software Engineer: $183,397
10. Data Scientist: $185,743
11. Product Manager: $194,907
12. Software Engineer IV: $209,988
13. Senior Software Engineer: $211,647
14. Software Engineer V: $259,349
15. Engineering Manager: $380,861