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Happy 34th Birthday Beyonce!

Beyoncé is turning 34 years-old today, September 4! The “711” singer is one of the most celebrated and revered artists of all time, and she only continues to get better year after year. From her Destiny’s Child days, to her days reigning the world as Queen Bey, Beyoncé is #1.

  • Born Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, Queen Bey started singing at a very young age, and went on to join the R&B band Girl’s Tyme, in which Kelly Rowland was also a member, at the age of 9.
  • Queen Bey is an extremely generous celebrity and in addition to a couple of foundations in her name, she lends support to NGOs like Chime for Change, Girl Up, Elevate Network, International Planned Parenthood Federation, Girls Inc. of Greater Houston, and I Was Here.
  • The R&B queen has an affinity towards the number 4; she was born on 4 September, Jay Z on 4 December, the both of them got married on 4 April and she also titled her fourth album “Four”.
  • Before the birth of her adorable daughter Blue Ivy, Beyoncé suffered a miscarriage and her husband Jay Z rapped about it in “Glory”. “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic, we was afraid you disappeared,” went the verse.
  • Although she is perfect to the entire world today, she had once revealed during a People Magazine interview that she was teased for her ears that were apparently bigger than her head; bet they’re eating their words now.
  • Although she has a fragrance line, and has successfully sold many scents, Beyoncé is allergic to perfumes, and has all her scents chemically altered so that she doesn’t develop hives all over her body.
  • Beyoncé reportedly has records of all her interviews in her archives, so no one can misquote her. If they do, she has all the facts at hand.