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Tendence 2015

The Form of FORM 216 Products Selected for ‘FORM 2016’

Günter Matten strips down a universal mill made of plastic and metal into its individual parts. “Wham, a fastener and now the mill works.

That’s a multi-faceted solution – really ingenious”, says Matten who is not only a metal designer but also chair of the FORM 2016 jury, which spent two days making its selection from the products submitted by 108 entrants from 18 countries for the ‘FORM 2016 – Design from Crafts and Industry’ competition.

Firstly, the jury viewed all entries. Then, they tested and discussed them, paying particular attention to innovative design, functionality, craftsmanship and product-oriented choice of materials. Naturally, a harmonious overall design was also a decisive criterion. This year, the experts decided that 216 products from 69 companies were worthy of the ‘FORM 2016’ distinction.

Metal-designer Matten was particularly taken with the mill mentioned above, especially its functional sophistication. However, the jury was also unanimous in its praise for many other products, such as a very precisely handwoven cashmere blanket from Nepal and a plywood push car for small children.

Together with many other products, they will be on show for four days during Tendence 2016. FORM 2015 exhibition at Tendence in Frankfurt am Main Page 2 Tendence Frankfurt am Main, 27 to 30 August 2016 In contrast to other design competitions, FORM bridges the otherwise separate fields of handicrafts and design, i.e., between hand-crafted and industrially made products.

“For me, it is the variety that makes curating the FORM exhibition so interesting. The products to be seen range from unique items, such as ‘Swing’, a glass object by Nadja Recknagel, which can probably never be reproduced, to mass-produced articles. Also fascinating are pieces that, although made by hand with the character of a unique article, also have the potential for series production”, says Matten.

In addition to Matten, the members of the expert jury are goldsmith Torsten Trautvetter, designer Alexa Lixfeld, freelance artist Heike Roesner and Cornelia Dollacker, CEO and Director of Hessen Design.

“Although each member of the jury has a different design background, we were very close in our choice of products. Striking was the large number of the entries that drew attention to their sustainable production”, says Dollacker.

And adds, “Naturally, the jury also checked where the products are made and which materials they are made of. I am very pleased to see that more and more industrial companies and designers are employing ecological ideas and methods for developing their products.”

The award-winning products will be on show in an exhibition in Hall 9.0 during the Tendence consumer-goods fair from 27 to 30 August. The competition has been organised by the German Arts & Crafts Association (Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk) for many years and is being held for the 63rd time this year. “Visitors can already look forward to the FORM 2016 exhibition.

The products chosen include numerous interesting pieces from artisan and industrial production, which have never been seen before in this form. In particular, participants of the ‘Talents’ promotional programme submitted many new and fresh ideas. However, the industry is also represented by a variety of new products”, says Christina Beyer, Executive Director of the German Arts & Crafts Association.

The award-winners include many renowned companies, such as AdHoc, ASA Selection, Eagle Products, Eva Solo and Scholtissek, as well as renowned craftspeople such as Beate Pfefferkorn, Ipek Kotan, Katharina Berzbach, Nadja Recknagel and Franziska Rappol