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Foodpanda: What Would Food Pairs be Like if They were Actual Couples

Everyone likes coupling. Mornings go with coffee, cinema with popcorn, and football with beer. We mix and match, but ultimately some couples just work better together.

This applies to many cases, the first being love relationships and a close second, foods. Still, there are pairings and pairings: Some are unpredictable, some eccentric, some odd, some explosive and some just perfect. Foodpanda (www.foodpanda.ge) loves pairing foods and analyzed their relationship as if they were actual couples.

  1. The socially silent couple: Spaghetti & Meatballs

The socially silent couple is actually only silent about one topic – their relationship. These two are social media-active across multiple platforms, posting selfies, having brunch with friends on Instagram, etc. But this couple has no social media posts about each other. If you didn’t know they are in a relationship you might as well think they are single. My guess is either they’re both trying to play it cool (while being horrified by the idea of commitment), or they just want to keep their options open.

  1. The PDA (Public Display of Affection) couple: Burger & Fries

Ugh. Whether these two are fighting or are just going to the supermarket, they can’t stop talking about each other. These oversharers’ posts are the most recurrent you see when scrolling through your news feed. They spend more time kissing than talking. They’re the type who will go to a party and will spend the whole time just the two of them, making out or just being ridiculously happy.

  1. The couple where one is way more into it: Pancakes & Maple Syrup

It’s instantly obvious when you come across one of these couples. It’s a combination of the above two categories – one part oversharer, one part socially silent. She’s totally head over heels in love with him, becoming all syrupy and gooey, while he’s not all that bothered, really. He just sits there, without really putting any effort in this relationship. She’s totally in love daydreaming about their wedding day, meanwhile he’s on Tinder, keen on meeting different people and clearly not ready for a commitment.

  1. The awkward couple: Peanut butter & Jelly

They are quite clearly not good for each other, and it’s a pretty unhealthy relationship, but somehow they just can’t keep away. No matter how many times you tell them that it’s not a clever idea to be with each other, they ignore all advice and invest on in a dysfunctional union, and acting all Romeo & Juliet about the situation.

  1. The always-arguing couple: Chocolate & Orange

It’s the couple you have long given up in trying to separate or reunite. They might even make you pick sides. These two love each other, but in such strange ways. Both are strong, opinionated and autonomous and don’t like to be told what to do. None of them surrenders or admits defeat easily. They act completely different when they are apart and hang out with dissimilar groups of people, and yet, when they are in truce they are such an invigorating duo.

  1. The secret affair couple: Chocolate & Salt

Giveaway details: Paranoid glances around the room, secretive hand touching, giggling, and looking intensely in the eyes. This pairing can’t go unnoticed as they bring out each other’s flavors. They think people don’t know they love each other, but everybody knows really.

  1. The effortlessly cool couple: Cheese & Wine

They look like best friends, fight like brother and sister and dance like a duet. The most astounding characteristic is the balance between independence and interdependence. They have clear boundaries; they are separate people with separate interests, and when they come together their qualities are amplified.

  1. The power couple: Strawberries & Cream

She’s the most beautiful girl, he’s the most hansom boy. They are proficient in multiple sports, they have super white teeth and they wear matching clothes. Oh, and they are usually blond and slightly posh.

  1. The couple that never goes out. Ever. : Cookies & Milk

They are so wrapped up with each other that you forget if you’ve seen either of them the last month. They always go for the stay-in option to cuddle on the couch, watching romantic comedies. You have a feeling there is absolutely nothing that they do not do together.

  1. The jealous couple: Fish & Chips

They are so paranoid about the other cheating; they check each other’s phones and stalk the Facebook profiles. The are always asking about their ex, still worrying they are not over them. You always feel their mistrustfulness and competitiveness when you are around them.

  1. The unexpected couple: Melon & Prosciutto

You have no idea how these two work so well together, but they definitely do. They are diametrically opposed. She likes to read, he doesn’t even have a magazine at his place. He’s sporty, she can’t even be bothered to take the dog out for a chilled walk. She’s fiery and passionate, he’s calm and comforting. He’s really, really tall, she’s tiny. 

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