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“We at foodpanda have created a realistic alternative to pizza flyers and phone food ordering”

The international food ordering takeaway service “foodpanda” offers its customers the best service on the world market, which it is striving to lead.

Among many goals the company has carried out to achieve this goal, one of the most significant would be the total amount of $200 million funding it has raised cumulatively since 2012, with $110 million being just this year alone via its business incubator, Rocket Internet.

Nowadays foodpanda operates via its iOS and Android applications, as well as a full-fledged website at www.foodpanda.ge. The comfortable food ordering method has been implemented in 40 countries with over 45 thousand active partners.

After acquiring major competitors on large markets like India, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the company further bolsters the technological prowess of its product. A few weeks ago the company announced that online payments have been implemented in over 80% of Georgian restaurants, which means further convenience when ordering complex menus without the luxury of cash.

Oliver Samwer, CEO of Rocket Internet said: “The online food takeaway sector is currently undergoing tremendous change. With the newly created Global Online Takeaway Group, Rocket Internet is at the forefront of consolidating the key markets in one of the most attractive online sectors. The Middle East is one of the most attractive markets with significant growth potential and highly attractive EBITDA margins. The acquisition of Talabat.com is another important step in our long-term global Food & Groceries strategy. We believe in the long-term growth potential of this space and are excited to take advantage of opportunities to build out our global leadership.”

foodpanda together with its affiliated brands hellofood and Delivery Club, is the leading global online food delivery marketplace, active in 38 countries on five continents. The company enables restaurants to become visible in the online and mobile world and provides them with a constantly evolving online technology. For consumers, foodpanda/hellofood offer the convenience to order food online and the widest gastronomic range, from which they can choose their favorite meal on the web or via the app. foodpanda operates in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia and Serbia. hellofood operates in Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Algeria. Delivery Club operates in Russia.

foodpanda is a consumer-oriented company. Using contemporary technological means like mobile applications, it makes food ordering much more simple and fun, ensuring user comfort. Over 50 restaurants in Tbilisi, Mtskheta and Rustavi are ready to deliver food to your doorstep when you order froom foodpanda’s website (www.foodpanda.ge) or its mobile application available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.