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Experts forecast HUAWEI to move to the first place and replace Samsung

According to indicators of leading analytical companies – IDC, IHS Markit and Counterpoint,  HUAWEI keeps surpassing Apple in number of sold smartphones and remains the world’s second major company in the third quarter in terms of global sales of smartphones.

HUAWEI surpassed Apple in terms of sales and ranked second. This was unexpected result for experts, however, after introduction of new Mate20 series, they forecast HUAWEI to rank first and replace Samsung.

We remind you that in September the International Data Corporation – IDC published business achievements of 2018, under which, in the global supply of smartphones, HUAWEI recorded an upturn of more than 95 millions. According to the IDC indicators, HUAWEI company surpassed Apple in number of sold smartphones and moved to the second position. It is noteworthy that according to the past 3 months’ indicators, HUAWEI sold total of 54.2 million smartphones and the company’s market ratio constituted 15.8%. As to apple, in April-June, the company sold 41.3 million products. According to the report, Samsung ranked first in number of sold smartphones (71.5 million). The company’s market ratio was 20.9%.

Today, HUAWEI company ranks second in the third quarter too. Nevertheless, its market ratio declined after the last quarter, HUAWEI sold 52 million phones and the company’s market ratio constituted 14.6%. In terms of products, the P and Mate series turned out very competitive.

According to experts, HUAWEI’s success was preconditioned by its permanent efforts directed to research works and development: “Research and development have become one of the formulas of HUAWEI success”.

HUAWEI is a leading brand in the industry thanks to its innovative technologies. Thanks to its premium products, this giant manufacturer of smartphones has won both market and consumers.

“Only solution consists in improving products and services so as consumer see how HUAWEI cares for consumer interests. Thanks to these efforts, today HUAWEI is the global brand. Moreover, more and more consumers give preference to HUAWEI smartphones”, Richard Iu, executive director for the business team of the company consumers, noted.

Media outlets have widely highlighted  HUAWEI Mate20 series and its unique potential.

„HUAWEI Mate20 Pro is a smartphone that will make Apple and Samsung nervous. This is a smartphone with the best camera in the world, powerful processor and strongest batteries. All this mixture is enriched by other unique functions, such as phone wireless charging and scanner of fingerprint in display”, Hi-tech.mail.ru has released this ambitious statement.

HUAWEI products and services are attainable in more than 170 countries and they are used by one third of the world population. There are 16 research and development canters worldwide in the USA, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India and China. HUAWEI Consumer BG is one of the three business units of  HUAWEI manufacturing personal computers, tabs and cloud services. HUAWEI’s global network is based on its 2-year experience in telecommunication business and serves to offer innovative technologies to consumers worldwide.