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EU Agrees to Waive Visa Requirement for Ukrainians

Ukrainian citizens will be able to travel to the EU visa free under an informal agreement made between Parliament and Council negotiators on 28 February.

Once the change enters into force, Ukrainians with e-passports will be able to enter the EU for up to 90 days in any 180-day period for business, tourist or family purposes.

The deal will now have to be endorsed by the Civil Liberties Committee and European Parliament as a whole, before being formally approved by the Council of Ministers.

Before granting this visa waiver, EU member states revised the visa waiver suspension mechanism to allow visas to be reintroduced more easily in exceptional cases. The legislation will be signed by Parliament’s President Antonio Tajani and representatives of the Maltese Presidency of the Council today, 1 March, and enter into force 20 days after it is published in the EU’s