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Possible Malaysia Airlines MH370 Debris Found in Madagascar

Municipality workers were working on St. Andre beach on the Reunion Island, the French Department east off the coast of Madagascar on Wednesday, when they suddenly spotted the airplane debris, L’info reports. The men told the news agency they had originally thought to bring the debris on to dry land in order to display them as “decoration” for visitors to the island. Barnacles on the debris let officials and inspectors detect their origin and the time spent in the ocean.

The debris looks like a wing piece called “flaperon,” which is 2-meters long and is fixed on the trailing edge of the wing and is “almost certainly” wreckage from a Boeing 777, Malaysia’s deputy transport minister has said, though it is not yet confirmed as coming from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. French military officials concluded with 99.9% certainty that it originated from a Boeing 777. He said the debris was stamped with 657-BB, a number that could be used to identify a part and the plane to which it belonged.

The Boeing 777 which went missing 17 months ago, in March of last year while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is one of the most baffling mysteries in aviation history. The plane was carrying victims from 15 different nations, including 239 passengers and crew.

“It is almost certain that the flaperon is from a Boeing 777 aircraft. Our chief investigator here told me this,” Malaysian Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi told Reuters. It would take about two days to verify if the piece was from MH370, he added.


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