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Business Academy in Kraków A Place of Opportunities

Study at European Business Academy in Kraków!

Academy offers you many opportunities. First of all not only study, but you also expand your interests through being active in students’ scientific associations and cultural events. Also, while studying with us, you may gain some experience, doing  an internship in chosen universities.


Academy adjust courses that offer to the demands of the labour market. and always consults the syllabus with experts to meet students’ expectations. For example: philologists can choose from different specializations such as: sinology, translation or international business – which are practical and up-to-date. Academy’s  aim is that students who graduate be prized and wanted specialists. During the classes students are provided with all the needed knowledge but academy’s stuff also wants to encourage them to take part in interactive teaching tools (simulations, case studies and strategic games).  The future interpreters have the opportunity to practice their skills in the specialized cabins for the simultaneous translating.


Secondly-interests. Strategic games.

website is a very valuable source of information. You can immediately notice that a lot is going on here. University organizes many events and conferences- everyone can find something for themselves. Everyone can find an event that she/he can be interested in and gain some new knowledge being accompanied by great people. To fulfill passions and use energy, students can be members of students  associations. The Project Management SMART PM Association or the PR Association are only the few suggestions that Business Academy has. While being active, a student can gain new experience and get to know new people. A wide social network may benefit in the future not only during students’ parties but also in professional work.



It is said that if you know foreign languages, you can get to know the world better. Academy fully supports this motto and ensures that students get the professional knowledge of different foreign languages and language training courses. They also want to give them a chance to study abroad and that is why there is the possibility of spending some time in a chosen country as part of Erasmus programme. It is a great opportunity for our students to explore new places, meet foreign people and practice their language.

We appreciate very much the cooperation with international universities and would like to highlight that we are highly regarded by other cultures. Representatives of various countries are coming to our university: the Congolese, the Chinese, the Ukrainians or the Iraqis. If you are interested in exotic civilizations then our Students Association of the Institute of Studies of Civilizations is the place you are looking for!  The association is engaged in a dialoque between countries and a discuss on widely understood multiculturalism.



 Fourthly- internships.

Business Academy holds the principle that practice makes perfect.

We think that interning is a crucial part of starting a professional career, it is a big chance to be noticed by a future employer. Our cooperation with the business environment gives graduates a head start on the labour market. A huge help  is the Careers Office of the WSE which gathers and circulates  information about internships available for students. There is a possibility to seek an advice from a career counselor who has the office at our university. Those, who consider establishing their own business, can contact the Business Incubator.



Fifthly-the atmosphere.

The European Business Academy guarantees both, conditions for development and a nice atmosphere conductive to developing. It is a place where we help you to find your own career path and we gladly support students’ initiatives.

We often organize different kinds of conferences and scientific debates in the political and economic fields. The Academy hosts a number of  meetings during which students can expand their interests and meet outstanding guests. Many concerts, parties and cultural events are held in our Academy. It is definitely a favorable atmosfere of Kraków – the city that never sleeps.