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Baku Waits for 7th UNAOC Global Forum

Baku Waits for 7th UNAOC Global Forum

This spring, Baku will host the highest-profile event of the UN Alliance of Civilizations – 7th Global Forum, aiming to explore new ways of promoting cross-cultural dialogue and understanding and to spark new partnerships and commitments.

The prestigious Forum, previously hosted by Madrid, Istanbul, Rio, Doha, Vienna and Bali, is the premier forum in the world for governmental and non-state actors to converge and engage in global conversations, exchange innovative experiences and develop joint actions.

“Living Together In Inclusive Societies: A Challenge and A Goal,” will be the overarching theme of the Forum, bringing together nearly 3,000 participants, including political leaders, representatives of international and regional organizations, the private sector, civil society, academia, arts and the media, as well as donor agencies and foundations.

The Forum scheduled for April 25-27 will discuss issues such as the fight against extremism and terrorism, global migration, non-proliferation of hate rhetoric, the role of education, religion, sports and youth, building of inclusive societies, multiculturalism and many more.

The three-day event will also offer an additional opportunity for existing and potential partners to explore collaborations to enhance the Forum’s objectives. The participants will also convene in plenary and breakout sessions, take part in partners’ exhibitions and award ceremonies.

The Forum will be preceded by a Youth Event on April 25, attended by 150 youth from around the world, which is aimed at maximizing and enriching youth’s experience of the Global Forum.

The draft of the Baku Declaration of the 7th UNAOC Global Forum has already been prepared and presented the UN headquarters for discussion. This statement was made by Azerbaijan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Nadir Huseynov at the meeting held with the delegation headed by Chief of Cabinet and Spokesperson for the High Representative Nihal Saad on February 24.

Huseynov said the necessary arrangements for the Forum are made at a high level in accordance with the schedule, adding that 195 countries and 26 international organizations received invitations to participate in the Forum. On the same day the Organizing Committee of the Global Forum held a regular meeting to discuss the preparations for the forum.

Addressing the event, Committee Chairman, Culture and Tourism Minister Abulfaz Garayev highlighted the preparations for the Forum, adding that the preparations have approached the final stage. Holding such an event in Baku demonstrates the growing prestige of Azerbaijan in the world, the minister said, adding that President Ilham Aliyev signed an executive order implying the excellent organization of the forum.

Attending the meeting Nihal Saad stressed that the program of the Forum has already been approved. Informing the attendees about acquaintance with the Baku Congress Centre and the Heydar Aliyev Center, which will host the Forum, Saad noted that these facilities fully comply with both the technical point of view and other parameters.

“Created conditions allow us to say that the Forum will be held at a high level,” she said, emphasizing that announcement of 2016 the “Year of Multiculturalism” in Azerbaijan is of great importance for the forum.