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Apple is worth more than Switzerland

At $733 billion, Apple is worth more than Switzerland, and And only $15 billion shy of Saudi Arabia’s GNP.

Apple’s market capitalization (share price times number of shares) didn’t stop at $700 billion. At Thursday’s opening bell, the company was valued by investors at $733 billion. That’s more than…

  • The gross national product of Switzerland ($685 billion)
  • The entire Spanish stock market ($664 billion)
  • Google ($365.46 billion) and Microsoft ($349.89 billion) combined
  • Four Apollo Space Programs (total $680 billion)
  • Twenty National Football Leagues (total $653 billion)

The number of units in those last two items (space programs and football leagues) have doubled since Sept. 14, 2012. That’s when Downton Josh Brown last updated his classic Tumbler Things Apple Is Worth More Than. Two weeks later, long-time investors will recall, things got ugly.