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Apple Debuts iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, TvOS and a Smart Keyboard

After months of rumors and speculation, the iPad Pro is here. Apple has unveiled its latest addition to the iPad tablet lineup during a special press event in San Francisco this morning. Like the rumors suggested, the iPad Pro is a larger version of the traditional iPad. Apple CEO Tim Cook says it’s the “biggest news in iPad since the iPad.”

The new iPad Pro uses a 12.9-inch display, and makes use of the new split screen app features of iOS 9. The width of the iPad Pro is the same as the height of the iPad Air 2. “It can do things that a smartphone doesn’t do because it doesn’t have to sit in your pocket,” says Apple’s Phil Schiller. Apple is using the same technology from its iMac with Retina 5K display to bring the iPad Pro pixels to life. “For the first time in an Apple display, it has a variable refresh rate,” explains Schiller. This means Apple can slow the display down and save battery.

Inside it’s using Apple’s new A9X processor, which Apple claims is 1.8 times faster than the previous chip it replaces. “Our chip team is just on fire,” says Schiller. Graphics on the iPad Pro have doubled in terms of performance, so it’s clearly going to be a fast device for games and productivity apps. “It is faster than 80 percent of the portable PCs that shipped in the last 12 months,” claims Schiller. “In graphics tasks it’s faster than 90 percent of them.”

Apple has unveiled a product that Steve Jobs hated. That’s right — it’s building a stylus.

Apple Pencil

The late Apple cofounder’s disgust for styluses was notorious. He once told his biographer Walter Isaacson that “as soon as you have a stylus, you’re dead.”

But times have changed! On Wednesday, Apple announced that is launching a new stylus to go with its iPad Pro.

It’s called Apple Pencil. It can detect the pressure with which a user presses on the screen, and charges by plugging into the iPad Pro via Lightning.