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American Restaurant Sells 10,000 Khachapuris

Georgian cuisine has had a very successful year in the Western media, making tabloid stories in such publications as the Washington Post, New York Times and Huffington Post. This week a Washington D.C.-based restaurant boasts of hitting a milestone with selling 10,000 orders of Khachapuri, local restaurant cataloging website D.C. Eater reported yesterday.

Compasse Rose is a North-Western D.C. restaurant that specializes in serving its customers what it calls “street foods” from all over the globe, hence the compass logo. They serve dishes from Cuba, Japan, Mexico and Lebanon, all in one place. Accordingly, an exotic and yet staple-looking dish from the South Caucasus khachapuri entered its menu last year. The restaurant made this fun tweet for its followers to celebrate the 10,000 khachapuri orders it sold this year:

Compasse Rose owner Ms Previte told DC Eater the restaurant is looking forward to adding Khinkali, traditional Georgian meat-dumplings to its menu by the Georgian Independence Day on May 26.

Previte Rose

“Call it intuition, or just a hunch, but I’m expecting a big demand for khinkali,” Ms Previte shares her enthusiasm.

Georgian cuisine’s successful flirtation with the West culminated recently in “Eating Khinkali” becoming a status-worthy activity on Facebook. All of this is exciting news for Georgians who love to share their national food with visitors as well foreign friends living abroad.


by Nino Gojiashvili