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Amazon hits Market Value of $1,000,000,000,000

AMAZON BOSS JEFF BEZOS in likely a step closer to becoming a Bond-esque supervillain should he wish, as Amazon is now worth a $1 trillion.

The online seller of pretty much everything now joins Apple as the second company that has hit the trillion dollar mark.

It managed that thanks to its stock price reaching a hefty $2,050.27 per share yesterday. While that price has since dropped a few dollars, it was still enough to hit the landmark financial milestone.

That’s not bad going for a company that’s been around a little more than 24 years, especially considering Amazon has become the world’s largest online retailer and made Bezos the world’s richest man with some $160bn to his name – just imagine the amount of change he has down the back of his sofa.

And Amazon doesn’t seem to be ready to slow down any time soon, what with its growing cloud infrastructure service, the spread of the Alexa virtual assistant, Amazon Prime Video, and its support of developers, alongside the fact that events like Prime Day see the online store flog truckloads of stuff in a mere 24 hours.

Amazon also has a suite of smart devices, which despite the crowded market, seem to attract a decent few users and has encouraged the company to keep developing smart home kit; it recently pulled the Echo Home Show from its store which would suggest something new could be on its way.

With its market value, one would hope Amazon can put some effort in to ensure its warehouse employees are treated better, given the allegations that they are left impoverished.

It’ll now be a race between Apple and Amazon to see who hits the £2 trillion mark first. Amazon appears to have faster growth than Apple, so we’d know where we’d place our bets.