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Angela Merkel about a Future Free Trade Area between the EU and Russia

Angela Merkel did not rule out the possibility of a future free trade area between the EU and Russia. She also assured that the agreements of the EU with Ukraine and Moldova were not directed against Russia.

Despite political differences between Berlin and Moscow, German Chancellor Angela Merkel sees the possibilities for deepening economic cooperation with Russia in the long term. She stated this on Friday, 17th April, at an economic forum in his constituency in Stralsund, according to news Agency dpa . “Now we have political problems,” stated Merkel and added that these issues must be resolved through political debate. “The term means and directly for us a large free trade zone with Russia”, – said the Chancellor. All agreements that the EU signed with Ukraine or Moldova, were not directed against Russia, she assured. “But we make them to step by step to come to a common economic space – as once said Vladimir Putin – from Vladivostok to Lisbon”, – said Merkel.

But, according to her, currently the aim is above all the embodiment of the provisions of the Minsk agreement, even if it’s hard. Statements on the topic of a free trade zone with Russia, Angela Merkel does not for the first time. At the world economic forum in Davos in January 2015, the Chancellor suggested the possibility of creating a free economic zone “from Lisbon to Vladivostok” subject to the resolution of the crisis in Ukraine. In support of this idea, then spoke Vice-Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel and representatives of the German economy. Subsequently, the German government said that did not make Moscow a single specific proposals for deepening economic cooperation, and filed a “signal principled readiness”. Merkel said that such negotiations can imagine, when you are moving the solution to the conflict in Ukraine.