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Wineries Process 11 000 Tons of Grapes in Kakheti Region

As of September 8, wineries have processed 11 000 tons of grapes in Kakheti Region, including 3.8 thousand tons of Rkatsiteli, 5.2 thousand tons of Saperavi, 677 tons of Kakhetian Green. The region residents have received more than 9mln GEL from grapes sales.

At this stage, the vintage coordination board has registered 115 winemaking companies. A total of 43 private winemaking companies have joined the grapes processing process and daily processing constituted 2.2 thousand tons.

The municipalities have processed the following volume of grapes: Kvareli – 4.4 thousand tons, Sighnaghi – 2.3 thousand tons, Telavi – 2.1 thousand tons, Dedoplistskaro – 880 tons, Gurjaani – 725 tons, Akhmeta – 444 tons, Sagarejo – 100 tons and Lagodekhi – 86 tons.

Interested bodies are able to receive information about the vintage on the Agriculture Ministry hotline – 1501.

Taking into account the current condition of the winemaking sector of Georgia, it is not necessary any nmore to subsidize high-quality grapes in Kakheti Region in 2017. At the same tome, for the brandy segment development, winemaking companies will receive a 35 Tetri compensation if they purchase Rkatsiteli and Kakhetian Green grapes for at last 70 Tetri for production of brandy spirits and concentrated grapes syrup.