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Winemaker in Canada to Ferment Wine in Georgian Qvevri

A total of 55 Qvevris were exported to Canada from Georgia, namely to the city of Vancouver.

Georgian winemaker Sandro Milorava has assisted Pascal Roy, a restaurant owner in Canada, to transport 55 Qvevris to Canada. The clay vessels were made in western Georgia.

The Qvevris will reach Canada in late June. Capacity of the Qvevris range from 50 to 1000 liters. They were made by Imeda Gogoladze in the village of Mandaeti, Chiatura Municipality.

Initially, Pascal Roy will press domestic grapes into the Qvevri, however, he plans to arrange Rkatsiteli vineyard in the future.

Pascal arrived in Georgia in autumn 2018. Marani Milorauli winemaking company hosted him in Kakheti and the Canadian guest took part in the local vintage too.

As reported, in 2013 UNESCO conferred intangible cultural heritage status to Georgian tradition for making wines in Qvevri because of its uniqueness. This decision is a message to the whole world that wine is inseparable part of ancient Georgian culture.