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Wine Thieves- A New Georgian Wine Brand on the Market

The company Wine Thieves has a history of only couple of months. However the coverage of the wine bottles has already caused some concern. The company distributes the market with different wines from diffferent family marani. It is a natural wine and no additional substances are mixed with it. The vineyard of the company is located in Telavi municipality. Wines are made in pitcher with a traditional Georgian method.

“When we created the etiquette for the first time, society was quite irritated. The author of naked etiquette is a famous British artist who collaborated with Vogue and other famous journals. We purchased the right of using the painting- said the founder of the company, Avtandil Kobakhidze. 

Currently, we sell 4 brands of wine under the name of our company: Saferavi, Tsolikauri, Rkatsiteli and Chinuri. This year, the company is planning to add more kinds of wine.

The wine is basically sold locally. You can find it in the bars and shops. The average price of one bottle is 35-40 GEL.

Our name is “Wine Thieves” but we are not real thieves. We distribute the market with a natural wine from different family marani”-says the founder of the company.