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WINE ME Store-Boutique with Difference Concept Opens in Tbilisi

Wine Me, a new wine store-boutique has opened in Tbilisi with an entirely different concept. The startup author Elene Tkhlashidze told BM.Ge that the store offers a lot of activities, besides wines, including Art&Wine event, which enables consumers to taste wines and reflect their emotions in paintings.

“We held the first Art&Wine event two days ago, which has no analogue in Tbilisi. Consumers were enabled to taste best natural wines and reflect their emotions in art. The master-class was led by professional instructors, who trained participants in basis skills of sketches. Therefore, it is not necessary to know painting, the will and love of wines are key inspirers. Such events, along with many other events, will be held on monthly basis”, Elene Tskhlashidze said.

The store-boutique will trade in wines of only small winemaking companies. Besides wine, consumers are able to buy souvenirs and various Georgian products.

“Our store trades only in natural and organic wines and this enables our consumers to see how many family wine cellars exist in Georgia, which produce high-quality wines. We are ready to introduce Georgian wines to foreign guests too. Under preliminary agreement, we can arrange tasting event for small groups of tourists. Our team speaks Russian, English and Georgia”, Elene Tskhlashidze said.

Wine Me store-boutique is located at the junction of Simon Janashia and Akaki Khorava Streets.