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Wine Festival at Château Nelkarisi on October 14 for The First Time

Château Nelkarisi will host wine festival for the first time on October 14. Autumn, as the season of vintage is very active in terms of wine promotion, events and tasting, and festival itself calls Autumn Festival. Sandra Mattson, who organized the event, shares her invitation:

”It is with great pleasure to announce the first wine festival at Château Nelkarisi on 14 October 2017 and we are very pleased to invite you to the event.

The aim is to celebrate wine and to promote culture. We would like to honor our grape producers and winemakers, who on a yearly basis provide us with the highest quality grapes to allow us to produce our most competitive international commercial brands – IKANO and Nelkarisi wines.

Nelkarisi winery has a modern approach to wine making, as can be seen in the architectural design of our château and in our wine making technology and methods. It is manifested in the latest achievements in the field of wine making.

Autumn festival lunch: Signature dishes prepared by a team of renowned chefs and sommeliers. The proceeds of the cozy lunch will go to training of young culinary talents in pairing food and wines through creative cooking and wine service.

Our cuisine will offer authentic local and international food, paired with a selected of fine wines for special prices.

We also feel proud to have two reputed ceramic artists: Californian ceramic artist Jakob Meudt (originally from Chicago, USA) and popular and established local Georgian ceramic artist Gigisha Packhoria. Their wine vessels are truly remarkable.

There will also be autumn food market and the up and coming DJ Dasha Zet will create a musical performance especially for us.

We hope you will accept our invitation and visit us on 14 October.

Transportation from Tbilisi to the Château and back is organised by us and free of charge.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to make your stay at the chateau as pleasant and successful as possible.

Awaiting your reply, we thank you and welcome you in advance!

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Mattson,

Event organiser

mob +995 599 990 047
email [email protected]