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Wine Company Shatro Valley to Launch in Ambrolauri

The enterprise owned by “Shatro Valley” will start receiving and processing grape from October, – Rostom Kobakhidze, the founder of company told BM.ge. The factory is currently being built in the village of Sadmeli in Ambrolauri, The company will process 100 tons of grapes at the season, which will be taken from the local population.

“In the first year we will prepare 50 000 bottles of wine, and in the second year this volume will increase to 100 thousand. We will also make small quantities of white wine.

80% of the produced wine will be exported and the rest will be sold on the local market, “- said Rostom Kobakhidze.

1.5 million GEL was invested in the construction of the enterprise. About 60% of this amount is financed by the Project Management Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, within the framework of “Co-financing of the Prosperity Enterprises”, 10% invested founders, and 30% is financed within the framework of the preferential Agro credit project.