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Vineyards’ Income Reached 37 Million GEL

In the frames of Vintage-2018, the past twenty-four hour rate of grapes processing  has reached the peak: 925 viticulturists have delivered grapes  to 50 wine factories, totally, up to  6 thousand tons of grapes have been processed in 24 hours.

According to the data of September 08, up to 23 thousand tons of grapes have been processed in Kakheti , including about 14 thousand tons of Saperavi, 5 thousand tons of Rkatsiteli, 800 tons of Kakhuri Mtsvane, and the rest different grapes. Vineyards’ income reached 37 million GEL.

“In the last twenty-four hours, up to  6 thousand tons of grapes were processed, which is a very high indicator and means that the vintage is in the peak phase. Several factories that have been involved in the vintage process from the beginning have overstock and stopped working for now, which is the usual event during vintage. Nevertheless, grapes delivery has not hindered, as new factories are involved in the process of vintage. In all regions of Kakheti wine enterprises continue  grape delivery in usual regime, “said Deputy Head of Vintage Coordination HQ, deputy chairman of the National Wine Agency Andro Aslanishvili.

Despite the high rate of grape processing, the viticulturists had to wait in the queue only a few hours, which is quit usual  for active vintage and by  3:00 am September 8, all viticulturists had  delivered their grapes.
On September 7, 50 companies were involved in the vintage process: Gurjaani – 16, Telavi – 16, Kvareli – 10, Akhmeta – 3, Dedoplistskaro – 1, Lagodekhi – 1, Sagarejo – 2 and Sighnaghi – 1.

Vintage 2018 coordination HQ was opened on August 20. At this pint, over  150 companies are registered in the HQ, which will be involved in grape processing. The grapes have already been processed by 71 wine companies.