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Lasha Karalashvili

The Wines of Karalashvili Wine Cellar are Already in the Interest of England and China

Interview with the founder of wine producer company  ‘’Karalashvili Wine Cellar’’ – Lasha Karalashvili.

– When did you found company ‘’karalashvili Wine Cellar’’ and how many types of wine do you produce nowaydas?

Company has established in 2014, we produce 5 types of wine at this stage, dry as well as semi-sweet, Saperavi, Mukuzani, Kindzmarauli, Rkatsiteli and Kvevri Rkatsiteli.

– Do you own vineyards or you receive it from farmers?

– We own vineyards in Kvareli, Kindzmarauli zone, from where we receive grapes for Saperavi and Kindzmarauli. We also purchase it from farmers. It’s also planned to add 3 more hectares of Saperavi type grapes.

– It’s the first vintage this year, when the subsidy has constrained. Did you face any problem, how different is non-subsidy vintage?

It was a problem for us, as for any wine produce, as along suspended subsidy the price of grapes has increased relatively.

– Government is willing to exit grapes subsidy. What is your opinion to this topic? Is Georgian wine sector capable to exist and develop without state support?

– It’s been a while that Government discusses about canceling subsidy. Wine producers had an opportunity to get ready for this moment and keep operating normally after canceling the subsidy.

– Do you realize your product on local market, or you have a list of exporting countries?

– Our wine can be found in our brand stores located in Old Town Tbilisi, on 19 Vertskhlis Street, also in some various wine stores, hotels and restaurants.

– Do you plan to expand export market, which direction?

We want to establish ourselves on local market at this stage, although we are interested in export too. Currently, we are having discussion with England and China.

– What are the future plans of the company?

– We are planning to increase assortiment, particularly develop Kvevri wine production. We also consider construction Chateau style hotel where, we receive locals and tourists.

– It’s being discussed continuously, that the Government must help a Georgian farmer to support wine sector development. How do you see the ways of support?

– The Government is trying to help and export Georgian wine to various markets. It would be helpful more communication between local farmers and Government.