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The Second International Competition of Qvevri Wine was Held

With the organization of Association “Georgian Wine” and support of the National Wine Agency, the Second International Competition of Qvevri Wine was held in Tbilisi.

The competition is aimed to identification and popularization of the best Qvevri wines, increase of awareness of Qvevri wines produced in different countries and support of Qvevri wine production.

Up to 200 wine patterns of 70 big,  small and medium family wine cellars were represented at the competition, which were judged by  jury of Georgian and foreign experts.  The jury chair is winemaker Giorgi Dakishvili.
Together with Georgian professionals,  American master of wine Lisa Granik was invited as a jury. She  rated  the  quality of Georgian wine presented at the competition best.

“This is the Second International Qvevri Competition and it’s been fantastic to see the increase in quality among the wines, first of all the cleanness of the wines has increased to a great degree, it was a far greater concentration of commercially valuable wines and both in a Kakhetian style and a modern style. You see how Georgian producers are working really hard to bring their wines to international standards, were they can be excepted   among the greatest  wines of the world”, – said Lisa Granik.

After evaluation of the samples presented in the competition, the awarding of the winners will be held in about a month.

Under the initiative of the Association “Georgian Wine”, the International Competition for Qvevri Wine was first held in Georgia in 2017.  In the first competition,  22 Golden, 20 Silver and 29 Bronze Medals were given to the winners  selected from the sample of 150 wines.

Georgian traditional method of Qvevri wine-making won a place on a list of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)  “intangible cultural heritage of humanity” in 2013,  that indicates the uniqueness of this method and is a message to the world, that wine is a part of ancient Georgian culture.
The competition is supported by Ministry of Environment Protection And Agriculture of Georgia and the National Wine Agency.