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Telavi Wine Cellar to Grow a Vineyard by New Technology

Company “Telavi Wine Cellar” will grow vineyards on 35 hectares in the micro-zone of Napareuli in Kakheti. The founder of Company Zurab Ramazashvili shared details with Bm.ge.

“This is a historically well-known micro zone where we receive a very good quality wine, white and red, we will do this with new technologies and new knowledge. The companies in Kakheti vineyards are based mainly on historic and ancestor experiences, and we do not consider the modern experience that this epoch has given to us. We want to use innovative ideas in variety of clone selection considering specific soil and climate conditions,”-Zura Ramazashvili said.

The company owns 330 hectares of vineyards in Kakheti, 300 of them includes arbitrage irrigation systems that are fully automated.

“This is an electronic system that often determines the quantity of water that the vineyard needs and then informs about it, after which operator will decide how much water to supply the vineyard. This is especially important during climatic changes “, – said Zura Ramazashvili.