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Shilda Winery – Amazing Wine Tasting Complex in Kakheti

The wine tasting complex by Shilda Winery is underway in Georgia’s wine region Kakheti. Architect company X-architecture works on the project.

Area of the complex is 2000 m2, The spacing of the vineyard is translated into the structural grid of the building and articulated through a series of curved beams.

The form is a considered response to the environmental factors of the area and the qualities of the wine. The building uses the thermal mass of the soil to moderate the internal temperature, where the wine is stored, served and tasted.

Shilda  is a new brand on Georgian market which produces 14 different kinds of wine along with cognac. Its name is related to the name of the village Shilda, which is 20km away from Kvareli at the bottom of Caucasian ringe. According to historical sources, vineyard culture is very ancient in this area which was proved by archaeological artefacts.


Shilda Holding is producing highest quality Georgian wine and Brandy. Company’s mission is to revive endangered Georgian grape varieties and introduce them to the world. This ambitious project will say a new word in Georgian wine-making.

Except wine, the company produces brandy and cognac alcohol. Cognac is basically made from Rkatsiteli. It’s made in an European way and they keep it in oak barrel or reservoirs.