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“Shatrovani”- the Idea which was Turned into Business

“Shatrovani” is a new Georgian brand for wine, which appeared on the market few months ago. The family business is led by father and son. It is their goal to make the wine part of customer’s life. However one of the founders of the brand , Giorgi Tsutskiridze says that, it is not easy job to do. He talks about how they came up with an idea to start a business and what are their plans for the future.

Tell us about “Shatrovani”,  what kind of wine do you offer and when did it appear on the market?

Alcohol drinks company “Shatrovani” appeared on the market on 1st of June, 2016. It offers red semi dry and sweet Saferavi, red dry Saferavi and white dry Chinese wine made from Georgian grapes to the customers. We are planning to offer new brand like French “ Merlo” and Georgian Rkatsiteli.



How did you come up with an idea to start a business and who are the founders?

Our company is a family business. We came up with an idea during family dinner and it took us long time to fulfil our idea, but we created real perspectives for it and finally managed to fulfill it.

How did you choose the name and design for the brand?

The name “Shatrovani “ is an old Georgian word and means decorated with gold embroidery.We wanted to underline the ancient history of Georgian wine culture with it.  Minimalistic design is popular on Georgian market and makes the product interesting for the customers.

What were difficulties you had to deal with when you started the business and how did you overcome those obstacles?

It was hard to start from nothing because there is a lot of competition in this field at the market. You need to prepare product very well and calculate everythin, but you can overcome the barriers with the knowledge and enthusiasm.

How does “Shatrovani”stand out among other brands?


We don’t try to make prices artificially high and offer quite affordable prices to the customers. At the same time, we maintain the quality. Our wine has a distinctive aroma and taste. It is not a drink we should serve only during big feasts but wine which we can drink daily at dinner.

What are your future plans?

We have big plans for the future. We want to establish ourselves on Georgian market not only with wine but also offer other products to customers. We are currently working on introducing new products.

We prepare to send our products to international exhibitions in the west Europe. Soon, we will have a website where you can purchase the wine online and have special offers.