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Schuhmann Wines Georgia Started Producing Wine Cosmetic Line

The company “Schuchmann Wines Georgia” started producing wine cosmetic line, in particular the company produced grape seed oil and scrub from Saperavi grape seed.

Products at this stage are sold only in Kakheti, at company’s hotel, Schuchmann Wines Chateau & SPA, located in the village Kisiskhevi.

”The company has received two new products, cosmetic oils and scrub out of grapes seed Saperavi varieties.

This is 100% natural products, which is sold at Spa-center in Kakheti, but we consider selling it somewhere else. The company has been offering Wine Spa procedures for guests for two years, and the idea of ​​creating these products was born here. We wanted to offer guests a novelty. The product contains useful substances that are a unique way for skin and body skin care, “Nutsa Abramishvili said at BM.

The grape seed oil comes with a 50-liter packaging and costs 45 GEL, while the scrub is 200 grams of packaging and the price for it is 25 GEL. The company organized an enterprise in the production of a cosmetic line, in the production of the wine factory, and the staff was prepared in Germany.