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RMG Promotes Bolnisi Wines Popularization

A memorandum of trilateral cooperation was signed between RMG, winemakers union “Wine Bolnisi” and Bolnisi municipality.

The aim of the memorandum is to support RMG as the country and region’s large business to support the pupularization of the Bolnisi wines and their further development.

Winemakers union ”Wine Bolnisi” was founded in the beginning of 2018 and has a small group of 15 family cellars at this time.The aim of the Bolnisi winemakers is to restore wine tradition in old kvevri by the old Georgian method, which was lost for 400 years.

The company RMG expresses its willingness to support Bolnisi winemakers as at local and international exhibition-competitions, involvement in various educational seminars and master classes.

“I am glad that all three sides expressed our willingness to contribute to the promotion of Bolnisi wines. For our company it is one of the most important projects in terms of social responsibility, which aims to restore the old winemaking tradition and strengthen it in Bolnisi. We hope that our cooperation will result and very soon the Bolnisi wines will enter not only Georgia but also foreign markets, “- said RMG’s executive director, John Shubitidze.