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Qvevri School Launches in Kakheti

A new Qvevri School will open in Ikalto, Kakheti which will aim to teach the oldest techniques of Georgian pottery. The school will open in 2017.

Qvevri is the Georgian name for clay vessels artisans utilize during wine-making for fermentation.

Costing over $1 million, the World Bank Group is sponsoring the concept.

The school will offer classes and workshops managed by local artisans with experience in the wine-making field. Moreover, the school will designate rooms to conduct research and to serve as tourist and historical attractions.

Bishop Davit Makharadze, the initiator for the development of the school, said, “The school will have a scientific research center for studying how clay from different periods [of history] was used in making different kinds of vessels.”

‘Also, we are also considering to conduct classes in foreign languages as there is a growing interest from foreigners in our heritage,” he added.
‘I like the style of wine from a qvevri, because it is so ‘close to the earth,’ says Manuel Ploder of Austria.

The school provides job opportunities for local craftsmen, even though there are only a few qvevri artisans in Georgia.

By Maria Bakh
Reporter at CBW.ge
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