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The Presentation of the Book about Georgian Wine was Held in New York

Georgian Raw Wine was presented at the Wine International Exhibition in New York, the USA. In the frame of exhibition, the presentation of the book by famous American wine writer, Alice Feiring was held. The book about Georgian wine culture is called: “For wine lovers: Adventure in the oldest wine culture.”

During the two day long exhibition was organized by famous French wine expert and master, Isabelle Legeron. Thousands of wine experts, amateurs, representatives of the restaurants and trade networks attended the event, which gives Georgian producers a chance to find new partners. There were presented 6 Georgian wine producers at the exhibition: “Gotsas wines”, “Winery Nika”, “Pheasant tears”, “Our Wine”, “Orgo”,and “Amiran Vepkhvadze Wine”.

As Wine National Agency representative, Elene Kiknadze noted, the United States is a potentially increasing wine market for Georgia and they are planning on implement marketing events to popularize Georgian wine on a bigger scale in the US in the future.

“I was expecting that local guests as well as foreign ones would have a lot of questions, for example, Japanese people who came here to find out about wine culture; however it was the most interesting question to answer what I think about Georgian wine. Georgian wine is a big spirituality; I think that the wine is a pride for Georgians. Georgians have a big faith in god, grapes and wine and the faith that everything is going to be okay. Georgian wine is matching Georgian spirit. I am very happy I was asked about Georgian wine and got a chance to talk about it”- noted Feiring.