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Number of Wine Factories and Cellars Increased Drastically Compared to Last 10 Years

Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia  Levan Davitashvili together with local authorities visited Tornike Chubinidze Wine Cellar in the village Shilda, Kvareli region.

Young winemaker Tornike Chubinidze moved from Tbilisi to Shilda  in 2016. In the same year, with the support of “preferential agro-credit” program, he built the wine cellar and made wine from the first vintage. In 2017, Tornike Chubinidze sent about 40 thousand bottles of wine on export. “Chubini Wine Cellar” exports to four countries in the world: Japan, China, France and the United States.

During his visit to the Cellar, Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture stated  that  with his own intention and state support, Tornike Chubinidze has succeeded in a short time, produces wine, exports, plans to increase production and develops  wine tourism.

“As a result of the right state policy pursued in viticulture and wine industry, wine industry has been significantly strengthened in Georgia, exports of wine has increased, resulting in increasing number of wine factories and cellars. If in 2012 there were 50 different wine factories and wine cellars in Georgia, today their number increased to 500, “said Levan Davitashvili.

“The first party of our wine export was sent to America a few days ago. We made contact us American importers after one of the tasting organized by the National Wine Agency. This summer, our cellar has hosted tourists interested in Georgian wine culture from about 15 countries. In the cellar we have 28 Qvevris of different capacity. We buy grapes from vineyards, but in the future, I will definitely buy my own vineyard and extend my  production, “Tornike Chubinidze told the Minister.

During his visit to Kakheti, the minister also made comment on the current vintage.

“Due to the healthy conjuncture existing in the wine industry, the vintage process is going on smoothly and in organized way. Most of the harvest is already delivered, 130 thousand tons of grapes are reproduced; In Kakheti, wine growers income exceed 190 million GEL, “said Levan Davitashvili.

Along with the Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture, Mr. Irakli Shioshvili, deputy governor of Kakheti, Davit Songulashvili, the majoritarian MP from Gurjaani and Levan Mekhuzla, head of the National Wine Agency were present at the factory.