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New Winery Opens in Kakheti Region

New winery Agrida was unveiled in the village of Shilda, Kvareli municipality, as part of the United AgroProject.

Representatives of the local self-government and Andro Aslanishvili, acting head of National Wine Agency, attended the winery inauguration.

“Growing wine exports and diversified markets inspire an inauguration of new wineries in Georgia. At this stage, there are about 500 wineries in Georgia, of which 250 ones carry out wine exports. Thanks to government support, winegrowing-winemaking field is strengthened and it does not need subsidization component any more. We are happy to see a new winery opened, which plans to engage in the ongoing vintage and buy grapes from the population”, Andro Aslanishvili said.

According to Guram Mindiashvili, director of Agrida winery, the plant will participate in the 2018 vintage and will process both its own grapes and purchased grapes.

“Agrida owns 23-hectare land plot and plans to make both Qvevri and classically-fermented wines, 1.5 million bottles a year. Our wines will be sold both in Georgia and abroad. We will employ about 50 persons on season and develop wine tourism.

Agrida winery was created as part of preferential agro loan project and total value of the project is 1.2 million GEL.