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National Wine Agency Disapproves 93 Wines for Exports

National Wine Agency has disapproved 93 wine varieties of 2 439 ones for exports. The mentioned varieties failed to meet various standards in the tasting process and therefore, they were banned to enter exports markets, the agency officials told BM.GE.

We remind you that, under amendments to the Law on Vine and Wines that came into force in January 2018, all categories of exports wine must be tasted. Previously, this mechanism was applied to only wines of indication of origins. The tasting commission of National Wine Agency has conducted 63 organoleptic tasting of strong drinks of grapes origin.

This amendment has increased number of cooper at National Wine Agency. Fourteen competitions were held at the Agency for selecting coopers. Initially, 23 applicants were selected from 40 ones, 5 coopers were chosen in the second stage from 9 ones and they have engaged in tasting process.

A total of 1647 applications were submitted to National Wine Agency for obtaining exports documents, up 300 ones compared to 2017. Based on the submitted applications, various documents were issued, namely: VI-1 certificate (for EU countries) – 1391 ones; certificate for compliance – 1 433 ones.

National Wine Agency has issued 2824 certificates to various strong drinks companies, up 600 ones compared to the first quarter of 2017