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Israel to Produce Wine by Georgian Qvevri Method

In Israel, where there have been many successes in wine within the past 20 years, there are about 125 companies registered for wine production. One of them is Kadma, which is owned by Lina Slutkin, born in Tbilisi.

The Ambassador of Georgia in Israel told BMG that the interest of the Georgian Qvevri was shown by other businessmen several days before the meeting.

“They have expressed their desire to study this method of wine making and to make appropriate purchases. We are working on this issue, “said the Ambassador of Georgia in Israel.

Paata Kalandadze notes about “Kadma” that the founder of the company is already using Georgian Qvevri for wine production.

“This is a small western pitcher that can not land in the ground because the soil is very hot but they are kept in special rooms. Wine enriches fermentation in Qvevri, after which it’s transferred to barrels.”